The rate for a background performer is set annually by ACTRA. Please refer to the Independant Production Agreement for more information found on ACTRA's website.

Children 0-11 year olds can work 8 hours.

Children 12-15 year olds can work 8 hours, two hours of overtime maximum per day with a total of 4 hours cumulative overtime on 3 consecutive days, with parental permission. No overtime required on the following day.

Children 16-17 year olds can work 8 hours, four hours of overtime.

For everyone 18 and over there are no time restrictions.

Lunch is one hour, unpaid.

It is really important to clear your day when you commit to a job. Call time can be anytime of the day and we do not know call time until the night before or perhaps the morning of the work day, if it is an evening call time. You must commit for the whole day, and work days can be long. If you wrap early you will be paid for eight hours.

Non-union background will be charged a 10% commission at the regular non-union background rates. 15% on photo double or other union rated jobs. On your first job, we charge a small annual roster fee of $25. Fees owing to be paid by e-transfer on receipt of your pay cheque.

There is no roster fee for ACTRA members. Full members will be charged 10% commission and Apprentice members 15%. Fees owing to be paid on receipt of your cheque. Payment to be sent by e-transfer to along with a copy of your pay stub.