When casting directors call, they are looking for performers meeting specific casting criteria.  We select appropriate performers from our roster based on these criteria. 

Be prepared!  When we call, the turnaround time can be very short.  You will probably be asked for your availability for an assignment the day before, sometimes a few days before.  However, you will probably not know the call time until the night before.  If you accept the assignment, you are expected to be available for the entire day.  If you cannot commit for the whole day, please do not accept the assignment.  Don’t worry… you are still active on our roster!

We will provide you with call time, location, and wardrobe details as soon as we can, the night before.  We rely on e-mail, so please reply promptly!

When you arrive, an A.D. (Assistant Director) will ask you to complete a voucher. On the voucher in the address section please write:

Your Name
c/o Hamilton Talent Agency
10 Peebles Dr
Freelton, Ontario
L0R 1K0


Be sure to include your Social Insurance Number or date of birth if under 16.  We strongly recommend the children have a SIN.

Please note, that everyone who works in the film industry must provide a copy of the Ontario Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps for each production they work on. If you have not completed it yet please do so if you are intending to work in the film industry. http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/hs/training/workers.php (go into Worker Health & Safety Awareness in 4 Steps).

Proof of Ontario Residency must also be provided (a photo copy of your drivers licence and/or a tax or utility bill with numbers blacked out, showing your name and address). Or you can obtain an “Ontario Government Photo ID Card” if you do not have a drivers licence. The website for this card is: http://www.ontario.ca/government/ontario-photo-card.

The important thing to remember is that we do not guarantee background work.  Work availability is dependent on the film industry, and its production needs. 

We are an EIC compliant agency.  For more information on background or principal work, please consult the ACTRA website www.actra.ca